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We’ve provided planetary gearboxes into the helical pile installation industry for 15 plus years. Applying over 40 years of gear design knowledge, we’re supporting this rapidly growing industry directly with our innovative line of anchor drives, machine mounts and patent-pending torque management system.

nominal torque chart

Our anchor drives are developed specifically for the demanding helical pile installation industry. We offer both single and two-speed models designed to withstand long duty cycles that produce reliable TRUE TORQUE results. We publish actual performance values, not theoretical. Actual performance values ensure you select the right attachment for your job.


Picture of the SA series

SA Series

Our single-speed SA series utilize hydraulic orbit motors coupled to our highly-efficient planetary gearboxes. The SA series is available in a range from 5,500 ft-lbs to 30,000 ft-lbs of torque. 

picture of the TA seriesTA Series

The two-speed TA series utilize orbit and piston motors coupled to multistage planetary gearboxes. All TA models come standard with an automatic shift feature. TA series is available from 16,000 ft-lbs to 300,000 ft-lbs.


Dinamic Oil offers three different torque management products for the helical pile industry. Select from the most advanced torque management system in the industry to a system that will work with any Anchor Drive or choose the standard pressure differential kit when only differential values are needed.

Our Torque Management systems are developed specifically for the helical pile installation industry and have features you won’t find anywhere else. We offer three different solutions, each with features and benefits to suit large-scale infrastructure projects to residential foundation improvement jobs. Our comprehensive product offerings ensure you always have the right tool for the job. Learn more about our latest innovations.

energiEnergi Torque Managementanchor drive with energi

This innovative and integrated torque monitoring system allows users to take the guesswork out of helical pile installation. Energi provides instant, accurate, and easy to interpret installation feedback.


Energi 360 Service

Not your typical calibration service. The Energi 360 program is a complete preventative maintenance service that calibrates the Energi torque management system and inspects the essential components of your Anchor Drive.

energi service 360

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