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The standard range covers from 500 kg to 30 Tons line pull.

Winches are equipped with orbit motors or axial piston motors, negative multi disc brake and a variety of accessories are available e.g.: tension rollers, third wrap indicators, load sensing, grooved drums, level-winds, absolute encoders. Medium Marine Grade Painting is standard on all winches.

Customized winches can be produced according to specific requirements e.g. (manriding, double cable drum, special grooved drum, customized dimensions).

CataloguesDownload the catalogue (1st layer) 4001 - 8000

Type Model Line Pull Rope Speed Drum Diameter Download
A120-4 A 5442 34 290 Download PDF
A150-5 A 6803 31 320 Download PDF
S35/2 S 4500 26 300 Download PDF
S45/2 S 5750 27.5 325 Download PDF
S45V/2 S 5750 48 325 Download PDF
SE35 SE 4500 25.5 298 Download PDF
SE35V SE 4500 59 298 Download PDF
SE45 SE 5750 28 324 Download PDF
SE45V SE 5770 54.5 324 Download PDF
SRDA60 SRD 8000 42 352 Download PDF
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