Dinamic Oil Asia Pacific Pte Ltd was incorporated in Singapore on 14 February 2011 in a small office & 3 staff with the objectives of expanding the sales, marketing & services of Dinamic Oil planetary gearboxes & winches to the regional markets of Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan initially. With strong partnerships of Dinamic Oil SPA, Italy & Mr. Pang Leong Kim as the Singapore Director, market presence was established almost instantly. Especially with the extensive experience & tireless energy of Mr. Giuseppe Fronticelli as Regional Sales Manager, we gained market shares in the regional Palm Oil Mill industries, Marine Industries, Industrial & Sugar Industries. Within 3 years of incorporation, we had grown from a small office to a 10,000 Sq feet factory with facilities and 8 staff for office administration, training & facilities for assembly of gearboxes & winches. To-date, we had hosted regional trainings for technical training by Mr. John Huaranga from Dinamic Oil SPA for our Palm Oil Mills Industry & Marine Fishing Industry customers in our facility.
Dinamic Oil Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.

47L Tuas South Avenue, 1
637249 Singapore
T:+65 6791 0802
F:+65 6791 2661
E: sales@dinamicoilap.com.sg

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