Power transmission

The range of inline and bevel gearboxes covers a variety of different applications, with numerous designs and rated torques ranging from 1000 Nm to 3 million Nm. Go to page Planetary Gearboxes
For both marine and land applications, they can be supplied with negative static brake, hydraulic motors and valves and integral or driven pinions up to 30mm module. Go to page Slewing drive
Ideal for both land and marine winches, they are available up to 500,000 Nm of torque according to FEM L2-T5. Go to page Winch drive
From 100,000 Nm maximum torque up to 600,000 Nm. Steel construction ensures success in the toughest applications Go to page Track drive
Small compact wheels with orbital motor up to 3500 Nm peak torque. Go to page Wheel drive

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