May 25, 2022

Whatchword: invest and grow!


Dinamic Oil has confirmed its position as a reference company in the production of winches and gearboxes, constantly working alongside its customers, responding to their needs with flexibility, reliability and experience.

rendering of the Dinamic Oil plant in Bomporto with the new 2000mqs wing

In 2021 Dinamic Oil invested in the Bomporto plant by expanding it and creating a new 2000 sqm wing, thus providing a new layout for material flow and a new warehouse for raw materials.


Picture of Dinamic Oil new 2000mqs wing

Dinamic Oil has also invested in technology, by implementing a new ERP for logistics WMS (WAREHOUSE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM), which allows us to have an increasingly efficient material handling procedure for a more punctual and reliable production.

Dinamic Oil strongly believes in it and is aiming higher and higher! In 2022 we will reach a turnover of 80 million euro.

picture of Dinamic Oil by night


Watchword: invest and grow!

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