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November 04, 2016

Pushing the limits! 3 mln Nm Sugar Cane Drive


Dinamic Oil is proud to announce the design and production of a new 3 million Nm GB Series Planetary Gearbox. The GB 310,000 is now the largest in our product family that is continuously expanding thanks to our success in the Sugar Cane Crushing Industry. With a nominal torque value of 3,100,000 Nm (2,350,000 ft.lbs) Dinamic Oil is reconfirming its position as one of the largest planetary gearbox manufacturers in the world!
Sugar Mill Location: MEXICO
Installed Power (Turbine) : 1500 HP
Input Speed: 1200 rpm
Reduction Ratio = 209:1
Sugar Mill Dimensions ( D x L ) 42” x 84”

Watch our Sugar Cane Drives in Action!

50 years of experience, constantly improved by research and development, allows us to supply customized planetary gearboxes to the Sugar Technology Industry.
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