April 04, 2016

At Bauma 2016 Dinamic Oil will present its new Electronic Load Detection System

Dinamic Oil’s new Electronic Load Detection System is to be mounted on the winch structure according to the customers’ requirements. This new system can use an analog or digital signal to control lifting, lowering load, and torque. The Electronic Load Detection System allows the load control of the crane’s winch while displaying its value on the remote control making every movement easy and safe.
Output Data:
Calculated hoisting load (kg)
Drum speed (rpm)
Rotation direction (Clockwise or Counterclokwise)
Working layer
Pre Alarm
As option you can add analog output proportional to the torque:
4-20 mA proportional to the torque value
Customized versions
Come visit us at Bauma 20016 - Hall A4 Booth 313

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