Dinamic Oil gearboxes for “Dogancay Tunnel Project” in Turkey.

Metro transportation is an indispensible issue for solving traffic problem for metropolitan areas. Therefore, every year metropolitan municipalities spend a lot of money for metro tunnel construction from their budget. Thanks to recent technological breakthroughs, tunnels up to 15 meters in diameter are dug with Tunnel Boring Machines.

With a design that ensures high performance in compact dimensions, Dinamic Oil GB series gearboxes have been chosen to drive TBMs used for the “Dogancay Tunnel Project”. Countless customized solutions make this gearbox range adaptable to any kind of application where compact and reliable mechanical transmission is needed.



Dinamic Oil winches for the oceanographic ship SONNE.

Dinamic Oil winches were chosen for the deck cranes of oceanographic ship SONNE.
The ship is 116 meters long, 20,6 wide and can accommodate up to 40 scientists in addition to the 35-member strong crew. Furthermore, the ship provides space for up to 25 twenty-foot containers with material.
The Indian Ocean and the Pacific is the research vessels main areas of application. Both oceans have a big influence one the world climate, which is why their exploration becomes more and more important. The SONNE will also contribute to answer other scientifically and socially relevant questions, especially in respect to the supply with marine raw materials and the human impact on earths ecosystems.


World Food Programme

Dinamic Oil pulling winches in the World Food Programme
Category: Application

Tunnel Machine

Dinamic Oil slewing gearboxes working in the tunnel enlargement (A14 highway, Italy)
Category: Application More

Aluminum Rolling Stand

Dinamic Oil high torque gearboxes drive Aditya Birla aluminum rolling stand (128 kW per shaft)
Category: Application More

Pipe Tensioner

Dinamic Oil track gearboxes drive Sapura Diamante tensioner (550 ton).
Category: Application

Bridge Hoisting

Dinamic Oil high torque gearboxes hoisting the Bacalan-Bastide Bridge in Bordeaux.
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